Programs Schedule Monday - Friday


Time Teacher/Program
Midnight Jack Abeelen - Growing Thru Grace
12.30a Jim Keavney - Changed By Love
1.00a Unshackled - Pacific Garden Mission
1.30a Mike Spaulding - The Transforming Word
2.00a Philip De Courcy - Know the Truth
2.30a Thom Keller - Study the Word
3.00a Bill Luebkemann - Hope From the Word
3.30a Don Green - The Truth Pulpit
4.00a Chuck Smith - The Word For Today
4.30a Michael Youssef - Leading the Way
5.00a Damien Kile - According to the Scriptures
5.30a Jon Courson - Searchlight
6.00a Malcolm Wild - Sound Truth
6.30a Chuck Swindoll - Insight For Living
7.00a Jack Hibbs - Real Radio
7.30a Chip Ingram - Living on the Edge
8.00a Jeremy Higgins - Anchored Deep
8.30a James Kaddis - Light on the Hill
9.00a Tony Clark - The Word Made Plain
9.30a Mike Spaulding - The Transforming Word
10.00a Erwin Lutzer - Running to Win
10.30a JD Farag - In Spirit and Truth
11.00a Joe Focht - Straight From The Heart
11.30a Mark Kirk - Come to the Table
Noon Alistair Begg - Truth For Life
12.30p Ken Graves - God Sword
1.00p Bil Gallatin - Walk in the Light
1.30p Rick Gaston - Cross Reference Radio
2.00p Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth - Revive Our Hearts
2.30p Mart DeHaan - Discover the Word
2.45P Ravi Zacharias - Just Thinking Daily
3.00p Chip Ingram - Living on the Edge
3.30p Jeff Sowold - Upward Call
4.00p Mike Spaulding - The Transforming Word
4.30p John Randall - A Daily Walk
5.00p Mike Fabarez - Focal Point
5.30p Money Wise - West and Moore
6.00p David Rosales - A Sure Foundation
6.30p Rodney Finch - Salt and Light
7.00p Dave Rolph - The Balanced Word
7.30p Unshackled - Pacific Garden Mission
8.00p Tim Burns - Trusting By Grace
8.30p Raul Ries - Somebody Loves You
9.00p Sandy Adams Radio
9.30p J Vernon McGee - Thru the Bible
10.00p Michael Yousef - Leading the Way
10.30p Al Pitman - A Dwelling Place
11.00p Lloyd Pulley - Bridging the Gap
11.30p Nightsounds - Bill Pearce